Unleash your Advocates’ Authentic Voices through Video

Your advocates have passion. Energy.  A story to share.

But put them in a video and they become camera shy. Or the interview is stilted. The story is there – but loses its power.

Our video team makes sure that does not happen. Great video content isn’t just about hitting “record” or skillful editing – it’s capturing the authentic voice of your advocate and building a compelling video around it.

How We Create Unforgettable Video for You

Troy Browder, videographer

The influencers on TikTok and Instagram who make it look effortless have often spent years honing their approach before getting it right – time you don’t have.

That’s why it’s crucial to have a team that goes beyond pointing the camera and shooting. You need a personable team behind the camera that connects with the person on camera.

You need a team that combines the skills of a film director with a conversational talk show host.

And that’s what you get with PathForward’s video team that includes an Emmy award winning host of a nationally syndicated viral video show RightThisMinute and an Emmy Award winning multi-media production specialist. We combine 40 years of TV, documentary and marketing experience to bring your advocate’s story to life on screens large and small.

Our Video Team


Troy Browder

Creative Director

Troy is an Emmy Award winning multimedia producer with a diverse background in television production and film. Troy brings PathForward more than 30 years of broadcast and production experience – in-studio and in the field.

Nick Calderone

Nick Calderone

Executive Producer

Nick Calderone is a seasoned television professional with more than 20 years of experience in on-camera and behind-the-scenes roles.

Finding Advocate Stories to Share

advocate interview

Sometimes telling a great story starts with finding it. With our journalism background we can find your stories. We’ve got decades of experience in the field needed to unearth the perfect testimonial or heartfelt story that best illustrates your policy or program.

If you have an existing advocacy program we can also suggest ways to find stories among your advocates you may not know about – and then get those on video and featured in your digital media.

Video Wins

From captivating audiences with compelling narratives to rallying support behind critical causes, video has the unmatched ability to leave a lasting impact. Here’s how our clients have experienced the triumphant victories of video firsthand:

Legislative Triumphs

Picture this – state legislative victories achieved through the compelling medium of video. Our campaigns have effectively educated and engaged the masses, driving awareness and sparking action where it matters most.

Mobilizing the Masses

Ever struggled to mobilize hard-to-reach audiences? Not anymore. With our strategic video call-to-action ads, we’ve successfully rallied individuals to raise their voices and contact their elected officials. It’s not just about reaching people; it’s about inspiring action – and video gets the job done.

Local Impact, Global Reach

We believe in the power of storytelling, and nothing captures hearts and minds quite like a heartfelt narrative. By showcasing the real-life impact of local initiatives through touching stories, we’ve secured victories that resonate far beyond city limits.

GenZ Engagement

The future belongs to GenZ, and we’re here to ensure your message doesn’t get lost in the digital noise. Our Instagram Reels campaigns are designed to educate and recruit GenZ supporters, leveraging the latest trends and technology to connect with the next generation of change-makers.

We don’t just create videos – we craft compelling narratives that inspire action and drive results. Join us in harnessing the undeniable power of video, and let’s make your next campaign an unequivocal success.

The End Result

Spend Your Time Creating, Strategizing and Coordinating with Internal Stakeholders.

Let us push the buttons, provide results and monitor metrics for your internal reporting.

What can we help you get done?

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