Tereza Borisova

Creative Director

Tereza is a Web Design Specialist focused on both design and creation of media content as well as functional front-end web development. She employs principles of good UX Design to create experiences that are technically sound, aesthetically attractive, and intuitive for the user. Tereza is also deeply invested in working with her customers; communicating, coordinating, and understanding their goals in the planning of their web development projects. Her work spans the entire development process from initial concept through deployment by using a variety of tools including the Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress platform, and others.

She loves creating effective and memorable designs for social media and digital display ads. Her ability to deeply understand the campaign message and to translate it into a visual brings her clients a high percentage of engagement and leads. She has also worked on numerous print design pieces such as booklets, brochures and mailers. 

Tereza has invaluable hands-on experience in handling several simultaneous creative design projects. She ensures brand consistency across all digital formats, including social media, website, and email logos and letterheads.


Scott Barker

Principal and Founder
Nick Calderone

Nick Calderone

Executive Producer

David Fry

Web Development and Technology Strategist

Troy Browder

Creative Director

Nurry Kwan

Graphic Designer